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Sapphire Hospital  Testimonials

Kiranmala Panigrahi

Doctors and staff are very good.

Ravindra Chikhale

Overall experience was good. Food quality is also good.

Kantidevi S R

Overall experience was good.

Monila Karnik

Good experience and food was excellent

Ajay Vasantdani

Good hospital and well behaved staff

Pratik Naik

Overall Experience was good

Meena Dcosta

Good Hospital with very good nursing staff and doctors.

Mrunmayee Chavan

Medical treatment is good. Good staff

Manda Manohar Bhanusali

Good experience.

Manjula Mhatre

Received timely callback for appointment. Excellent management. Good facility provided

Mr.Kishore Sachev

Experience was good and equipments are modern . Doctors are helpful and very kind. Dr Atul Deshpande is the best doctor I have came across

Mr.Omkar Kshirsagar

Very nice hospital and cooperative staff.

Mrs. Sunanda Thackrey

Really it was a good experience, it`s a good option for patients. One day it will be the best hospital in the town.

Mrs. Ranjana Sawant

Over all Experience was good, special treatment given by Dr. Priyesh Naik and nurses was also co-operative

Mrs Arti Akshay Gupta

Hassle - free Hospital

Mr. Ramchandra Kadam

Very caring and helpful, special thanks to nursing department for their good service

Mr. Sandesh Yejare

My daughter was admitted in Sapphire Hospital under Dr. Sachin Darne, now she is completely fit and fine. Special thanks to Patient care service Department, Nursing Department and Patients Assistance Department. You all have done a great job for us!!

Mr. Prashant Patil

All staff gave good services and helped a lot. Special thanks to PCA, Mr. Nitin

Mr. Bhagwandas Khobragade

Overall experience was excellent, good team co-ordination; food is of good taste and quality

Patient Guide

Patient shall undergo registration at the Admission counter
The charges for registration are Rs 100/-only
Once registered, you shall be provided with a Sapphire Hospital ID Number (SHID) along with a registration card
Cashless facility is available for Insurance Policy holders/ corporate employees
The accepted modalities of payment are through Cash/Credit Cards/Debit cards/D.D.Cheque will not be accepted
Demand Draft is to be made in favor of "Sapphire Hospitals Pvt. Ltd." payable at Thane
The Hospital security has the right to check your baggage and ask for passes at any time
For any clarification regarding Hospital services,please contact Patient Care department or Head/Manager-Medical Services
For any clarification regarding billing, please contact Billing department
Reports can be collected from the Ground floor central dispatch department which functions from 7 am to 10.30 pm on all days 
Patient can take an appointment for OPD by following ways
  • Call on the Board line at 022-25333222 and ask for call transfer to the OPD department between 9am to 10 pm

  • Call Directly on 022-25498052 at OPD Appointment desk

  • Login through our mobile application/ website

Consultation fees shall be charged as per tariff. Follow up OPD charges shall be applicable as per the schedule
The patient is required to be present for accurate diagnosis and treatment in the OPD. In exceptional cases, a preliminary opinion may be taken in absence of patient
Tariffs are subject to revision without prior intimations
While admitting patient to Sapphire Hospitals, it is important to observe certain rules and regulations for the smooth functioning of routine activities and enable us to deliver the best treatment to you/ your patient.
Policies for Admission, Billing, Discharge and Refund are applicable for Cash Patients.
Cashless patients can refer to Insurance Brochure/ Corporate booklet
Billing Executive can be approached for details of tariff structures and room category.
Admission to the chosen bed category shall be subject to availability of the bed at the time of admission
At the time of admission the patient should be accompanied by two relatives to facilitate quick admission
Patient shall carry all previous medical reports and the list of prescribed medications
The required deposit amount shall be paid prior to admission. The deposit amount varies as per the bed category/ procedures
Visit charges, procedure / surgery charges, investigation charges and all the packages shall vary as per the Bed category
For any up-gradation after the procedure, charges shall be as per the upgraded category with retrospective effect
Patient shifting from ICU to ward or shifting from Ward to ICU, shall depend on patient's medical condition and fitness for transfer-in/ transfer-out, and shall be certified by the Admitting Consultant and Intensive Care Specialist
In case of a direct admission or transfer-in from wards to ICU, all procedures / investigations performed in ICU shall be billed as per the ICU bed category. Only after transferring out, billing shall be applicable as per the chosen and available bed category.
For transferring out from ICU to ward, amount billed till ICU stay has to be cleared at Billing Department
If any patient requires isolation based on the medical condition, as advised by the Admitting Consultant, patient shall be shifted in an isolation room and charges of the same shall be levied accordingly
Emergency admission to the hospital can take place any time.
IPD Bill amount is to be cleared at the Billing Counter
The medicines for admitted patients shall be procured by our staff from the Pharmacy and same shall be billed to the patient
Daily clearance of the Pharmacy bills is mandatory for all admitted patients
No tips shall be given to any attendant of the Hospital
Billing Policy
You can know the tentative expenditure during your hospitalization, by contacting the Billing department. The department shall need around an hour to process the information and give you the estimate
The estimated amount is based on patient's medical condition, standard length of bed stay in the specified bed category, average requirement of investigations, and medicines/ consumables estimated. However, based on the patient's medical condition, if any of the above factors vary, estimate given would not be held as valid.
The estimate is not the actual amount of expenses; it helps only to get a tentative idea of expenses required for the procedure / surgery in an average condition. Actual expenses would vary as per the medical condition of the patient, medicines, consumables, stay required, and investigations recommended etc. Payment of the bill is required to be made as per the actual
The intimation for Discharge shall be submitted before 12 noon.For any reason, if it extends beyond that, next day's bed charges shall be levied in the bill
In case of admission for a planned surgery/ procedure, entire amount of surgery/ procedure charges is required to be deposited at the time of admission
If surgery / procedure is scheduled for any admitted patient, estimated charges for the same shall be deposited on/ before the previous evening of the surgery
Please note that non-payment of the deposit for surgery / procedure within 24 hours prior to surgery, may delay the clearance for the surgery and may result in inconvenience to all concerned
Interim bill is given to every patient on daily basis for transparency. All pharmacy related payments have to be cleared by patient/ relative on daily basis
12 % service tax required to be levied to the patient (on service taxable bills)
Emergency charge @ 1.5 times the routine rate will be applicable for any procedure done on Sundays/ Public holidays/ after working hours of respective departments/ on an emergency basis i.e. between 8 pm to 7 am
OT Emergency charge @ 1.5 times the routine rate will be applicable for any procedure done on Sundays/ Public holidays/ after OT working hours on an emergency basis between 11 pm to 6 am when the Doctor is specially called to see the patient
Hospital Rules
Every patient shall be given ONE Visitor Pass. Attendant Pass shall be available to Special ward and Suite patients and shall entitle ONE Attendant with the patient for 24 hours during the stay
The passes shall be issued at the time of admission from the Billing Counter
One relative of every ICU patient shall be entitled for one bed in the dormitory, subject to availability. No personal bedding/ linen shall be allowed.Nominal charges shall be applicable for the dormitory bed
Once the patient is transferred from Ward to the ICU, bed in the ward has to be vacated. If a patient/ relative requests for retention of the room and if the bed is available, retention charges shall be levied. However, if there is a bed shortage for the new admission / transfer-in, bed retention shall not be possible and retained bed shall be released
Patient has to wear Hospital clothes while in the Hospital and only after completion of discharge formalities patient can change in his/her own clothes
24 hours Pharmacy is available in the Hospital with all required medicines. During the hospitalization, it is required to use all the drugs / medicines/ Consumables from in-house Pharmacy only. Outside medicines / drugs and consumables are not allowed
We request you not to keep any valuables during your hospitalization. Safety of your valuables / cash / or belongings shall entirely be your responsibility
For any grievances / complaints, you can contact the floor manager or you can also give your complaints in writing to the patient care executive on floor
At the time of discharge,your written feedback shall be taken by the Patient care teamand you shall be informed about the corrective measures taken, as applicable
No tips shall be given to any attendant of the Hospital
Discharge Policy
Once your Consultant Doctor writes in the In-patient Records that patient is physically fit to get a discharge, assigned staff nurse shall initiate the discharge formalities
Medicines, consumables, indented for you but not used and are packed ones, shall be returned to the Pharmacy / Store after informing the relatives. Pharmacy / Store shall verify issue numbers and receipt numbers with their record of those medicines / consumables. After verification, the due amount shall be adjusted in the final bill. Please note that open strips, unpacked medicines, or open vials of injections shall not be accepted for returns
Nurse shall request relatives to go to the Billing Department to complete discharge formalities and clear the Bill
Attendant Pass/ Visitor Pass are to be returned at the time of the discharge to the IPD Billing Counter. Discharge formality may get delayed if the passes are not submitted in time.In case of loss/damage of pass,Rs.50/- will be charged
After completion of the discharge formalities and complete settlement of your bill, Billing Executive shall give you a stamp of PAID BILL on your final bill with their signature, the settlement receipt shall be given to you. Bills are to be cleared on daily basis to avoid delays in discharge
After showing the Paid Bill stamp on your final bill and Settlement Receipt, Ward Clerk / Nurse shall hand over File of Investigation reports and Discharge summary
For TPA patients, until and unless final approval is received from TPA, patient will not be discharged. In such cases wherein, patient wants discharge, patient has to settle the entire bill amount in cash and go for reimbursement
Resident Medical Officer shall explain to you the do's and don'ts after discharge. As per the advice of your Admitting Consultant, the Discharge Summary shall be handed over and Medicines to be consumed shall be informed by the Resident Medical Officer
Please note that in case you wish to shift the patient to other hospital or home against the advice of the Admitting Consultant, Discharge against Medical Advice declaration has to be signed by you. Hospital shall not be responsible for any consequences thereinafter
Return of medicines / consumables after the discharge is not possible
Discharge Time: Intimation by 12 noon.In case of TPA patient's intimation of discharge has to be submitted prior to 12 noon to the TPA team
Refund Policy

Refunds will be given in cheque within seven working days between 9 am to 6pm from Billing Department on all weekdays except holidays and Sundays.

Visiting Hours
To enable fast recovery of your patient and to avoid infection exposure to visitors, no visitor shall be allowed other than the visiting hours. Visitors shall be allowed entry only on providing the Visitor pass issued.
Wards: Monday to Saturday : 4 pm to 6 pm.
               Sunday: 11 am to 1pm, 5 pm to 7 pm.
ICUs :   Monday to Saturday: 12 noon to 1 pm. 
              Sunday: 11am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm.
NICU / PICU Mother shall be allowed as and when necessary. Father or any close relative may visit the patient twice a day. This limit is to keep away outside infections from the patient.
Children acquire infection very fast, hence requested not to bring children as Visitors to the Hospital.
Mobiles are to be kept on Silent / Vibrator mode within Hospital premises.
We request you to have only one visitor at a time during visiting hours in ICUs.
Mobiles / Cameras/ Noise devices are strictly prohibited in the ICUs.
Please avoid talking on mobiles while in the patient rooms.
Television in twin sharing is to be switched off after 10 pm to avoid disturbance to the accompanying patient.
Do's and Don'ts
  • Do ask your patient's permission to visit them before you arrive.

  • Do wash your hands and sanitize them before you touch the patient or hand the patient something you've been touching.

  • Do turn off your cell phone, or at least turn the ringer off.

  • Do stay for a short time.

  • Do leave the room if the doctor or provider arrives to examine or talk to the patient.

  • Don't enter the hospital if you have any symptoms that could be contagious.

  • Don't bring outside food/fruits inside hospital for patients / patient's attendants. The hospital serves well balanced vegetarian meals.

  • Don't Smoke, consume alcohol and non-vegetarian food in the hospital premises.

  • Don't bring flowers, bouquets for the patient.

  • Don't attempt photography or video shoot in the hospital premises.

Convenience and facilities for patients and visitors
24 HrsPharmacy services
24 Hrs Billing services
Facility for Credit/ Debit Payment


Patient Rights and Responsibilities
Patient rights include
  • Access to care : No patient shall be denied admission due to race, color, religion or country / state origin.

  • Respect and dignity : The patient has the right to considerate, respectful care at all times (spiritual & cultural needs) and under all circumstances, with recognition of his personal dignity and worth.

  • Privacy and confidentiality : The patient has the right, within the law, to personal and informational privacy, as manifested by the right to:

 Refuse to talk with or see anyone not officially connected with the hospital, including visitors; persons officially connected with the hospital but who are not directly involved in his care.

 Be interviewed and examined in surroundings designed to assure reasonable privacy.

 It is the patient's right to have a person of one's own gender present during physical examination, treatment, or procedure performed by a health professional; and the right not to remain disrobed any longer than is required for accomplishing the medical purpose for which the patient was asked to disrobe.

 Expect that any discussion or consultation involving his / her case will not be conducted in public and that individuals not involved in direct care will not be present without permission of the patient.

 Have his/ her medical record read only by individuals directly involved in treatment or monitoring of quality, and by other individuals only on authorization by the patient or that of his / her legally authorized representative.

 Expect that all communications and other records pertaining to his/her care, including the source of payment for treatment, be treated as confidential.

 Expect that information given to concerned family members or significant other legally authorized person, be delivered in privacy and with due consideration of confidentiality.

Personal safety and security

The patient has the right to expect reasonable safety in so far as the hospital practices and environment are concerned. To address the needs of patient, visitor and staff regarding safety and security, the hospital security personnel are present round the clock. Other safety and security measures include limited access to the facility, and the use of employee identification badges that are to be conspicuously displayed. The safety and security measures are taken to protect any physical abuse or neglect of the patient and special precautionary measures shall be taken for the vulnerable patients.


The patient has the right to know the identity and professional status of individuals providing service to him / her and to know which Consultant is primarily responsible for his / her care.

  • The patient has the right to obtain from the Consultant responsible for coordinating his / her care, complete and current information concerning his / her diagnosis (to the degree known), treatment and any known prognosis. This information should be communicated in terms the patient can reasonably be expected to understand.

  • The patient has the formal right of access to his / her medical records which will be provided as per existing policy and procedure.

  • Patient has right to information on expected cost.

  • The tariff list is made available to the patients whenever required.

  • Patients are informed about the estimated cost when there is change in the patient's condition on treatment setting.


When the patient does not speak or understand the predominant language of the community, the hospital will make efforts to obtain services of an interpreter.

  • The patient has the right to reasonably informed participation in decisions involving his / her healthcare. The patient shall not be subjected to any procedure without his / her voluntary, competent, and informed consent, or that of his / her legally authorized representative.

  • The patient has the right to know who is responsible for performing the procedures or treatment

  • The patient may refuse treatment. When refusal of treatment by the patient or his / her legally authorized representative prevents the provision of appropriate care in accordance with ethical and professional standards, the relationship with the patient may be terminated upon reasonable notice and the written consent for the same to be taken from the patient keeping the staff nurse as the witness.

  • Patient's rights include information on expected cost of treatment


The patient, at his own request and expense, has the right to consult a physician of his / her choice from the panel of consultants accredited with the hospital. In case a patient wishes to see a consultant not accredited with the hospital, the same may be done after approval from the Head- Medical Services on a case to case basis.

Transfer and Continuity of care

A patient may not be transferred to another facility unless he / she have received a complete explanation of the need for a transfer and the alternatives for a transfer, and unless the transfer is acceptable to the other facility. The patient has the right to be informed by the responsible Consultant or his / her designee of any continuing healthcare requirements following discharge from the hospital.

Regardless of the source of payment of his / her care, the patient has the right to request and receive an itemized and detailed explanation of his / her finalized bill for services rendered in the hospital. The patient shall be informed of eligibility for reimbursement by any third-party coverage during the admission or pre-admission financial investigation.

Hospital rules and regulations

The patient shall be informed of the hospital rules and regulations applicable to his / her conduct as a patient.

Complaint process

The patient has the right to file a grievance regarding services and is entitled to information regarding the hospital's mechanism for the initiation, review and resolution of such complaints.

Patient Responsibilities
Provide accurate information about their health,including past illnesses or health problems,hospitalizations,allergies and the current or past use of medication.
Read and understand all medical forms including consent forms thoroughly prior signing
Follow the prescriptions and agreed treatment plan, and comply with the instructions given.
Observe facility policies and procedures.
Make the payment of the bills on time as directed by the hospital.
Respect the visiting timings and not to bring children as visitors.
Show consideration for the rights for the other patients and the hospital by following the hospital rules concerning patient conduct.
Not to bring/consume alcohol in & around the hospital campus.
No Non-Veg is allowed in the hospital.
No outside food shall be brought inside the Hospital.
No flowers & bouquets are allowed to bring inside the Hospital.
Not to ask to provide incorrect information or certificates.
Not to litter in the hospital premises.
Use garbage bins.
Keep toilets clean after use.
Not to smoke or spit inside the hospital premises.
Support the hospital in keeping the environment clean.
Wait patiently for your turn.
Maintain Silence.